Winter Reads 2017

Winter Reading List

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On one hand, Winter means Vitamin D deficiency and chapped noses. On the other hand it means curling up on my couch with a snuggly blanket, hot chocolate, and a good book. Here's what I'll be reading from December through February.

Looking for Alaska
This one is mostly a brilliant example of word association. Winter? Oh, snow and chilly. Snowiest and chilliest place I can think of right now? Alaska. John Green's book about high school boarding school kids and the protagonist's love for this girl named Alaska? Sure, I'll re-read it again.

Come Be My Light
A collection of writing from Saint Teresa of Calcutta a.k.a. Mother Teresa a.k.a. one of my Heavenly Besties. And y'all this book is kicking. my. butt. So much so that I still haven't finished this one from my Fall-ish reading list. Mama T, pray for me... and all of us, but us doesn't rhyme with 'T'!

Lincoln in the Bardo
Every once in awhile (read: every single day), an internet quiz piques my curiosity. According to Penguin Random House's 'What Punctuation Mark Are You?' quiz, I am a comma and I should read this book. Now I've already had two, now three, four, uh-oh, commas in this description alone. The internet knows what it's talking about. Also, I actually have zero idea what this book is about. I'm giving it a chance, though.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I don't know why, but this book feels the most Christmas-y of the HP Series. Which is really weird because the Sorcerer's Stone has Harry's first loving Christmas. And Goblet of Fire has the Yule Ball. And Deathly Hallows has such a tender Christmas Eve scene with Harry and Hermione in Godric's Hollow. But I digress. There's just an "emotional coldness that ends up being overwhelmed by love"-theme to POA that I can't explain. It just feels like the holidays.

Go Set a Watchman
Unpopular opinion alert! I really hated To Kill a Mockingbird in high school sophomore English. Vox has an interesting take on why it's sometimes regarded as overrated. I can appreciate TKAM as a piece of classic American literature despite not caring for the novel's slow pace or characters. (The only part I enjoyed was the actual trial.) All that said, I've been told to give Go Set a Watchman a chance. 

What are you reading this winter?

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