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The Saints are just plain cool. They've lived and loved the Lord in this life and are now Living and Loving Him in the next. And they're praying for us to do it too! Have a real specific need, there's a Saint for that! Today I thought I'd share the Heavenly Friends I continuously call on.

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Oh Mama, I am blown away when I look back and see your fingerprints on my life. My parents met on the Immaculate Conception and a few years later I was born on the Nativity of Mary. In college the Immaculate Conception was the patroness of Acadiana and Ragin' Cajun Catholics was looked after by Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. Time and time again you wrap me in your mantle and loving walk me to Jesus, echoing your words from the Wedding at Cana, "Do whatever He tells you."

St. John the Evangelist

Anyone who knows me well is laughing. The Beloved Disciple has been a major influence in my prayer life. The first time I seriously dove into I studied his Gospel and Epistles. I am always moved by the way he allowed Jesus to love him. I often pray with the image of St. John reclining on Jesus's chest and the profound but simple intimacy they share. Also the Cathedrals in my home diocese of Milwaukee and collegiate diocese of Lafayette are under the his patronage, so that's nice. 

St. Agnes

My girl Aggie! She's my confirmation saint and patroness. Not a lot is known about her life but she was a virgin and martyr in Rome during the early fourth century. I look to her as a model of purity, chastity, and unwavering devotion to Jesus even to the point of martyrdom. In December I was able to venerate her skull at Sant'Agnese in Agone in Rome. Without a shadow of doubt, I know she interceded for me intensely during that pilgrimage. 

There are many other notable players of my intercession game including St. Joseph the Worker, St. Therese, St. Maria Goretti, John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Sts. Peter and Paul, and Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi.  

Who do you ask to intercede for you on regular basis?

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