October Monthly Roundup

October Monthly favorites

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Food and Drink

Applesauce mixed with Peanut Butter - On one hand this snack is amazing; it's basically deconstructed apple slices and peanut butter. (Side-note: that totally sounds like a hipster restaurant dessert, yes?) On the other, it's a little like eating baby food. I've been all about for a quick side for lunches this month!  

Makeup and Beauty

Empties! - I finished a lot of products this month including shampoo, handsoap, and shaving cream. I probably won't repurchase anything for awhile because I had so many--too many--back ups. But I'm glad to be making real progress and clearing these out of my stash.

Home Decor and Products

Nothing new here. But since I started at my new job, I have a feeling that will change soon! 


Ron Pope concert - When I tell you this night was p.e.r.f.e.c.t., you'd better believe it. And my sweet baby Sissy made it all happen! (She gifted me the tickets for my birthday.) There were probably only 200 people and it was like no other concert I've been to before. Something about everyone there being a mega-fan and singing along to every song and just feeling chill... I don't know. I can't explain it but believe me only heart-eyes over here!

Clothing and Accessories

Super Opaque Black Tights - I'm not a huge dress person but I do like how put together they make me feel. However, bare legs in Wisconsin Fall is not the best idea; so, tights. The opacity not only feels more sophisticated for an office, but seems to add marginal amount of warmth compared to sheer tights. 

Athleisure from Fabletics - I had a few outfit credits from this Summer and I put them to good use! I picked out some leggings and simple workout tanks; I also grabbed a new yoga mat.

It's not exactly an accessory, but I got a major haircut this month. The asymmetric style forces me to put in some effort each morning. It also adds to my Resting Bitch Face vibes like you wouldn't believe... 


The shift of the seasons - I'm an eternal summer type of girl. That said, I love the cozy shift October brings. The color changes are stunning and I'm so happy to be having Sloppy Joe Sundays and chilly night Chili nights, again.

I started a new job... twice! - It's been a whirlwind of emotions and paperwork, but I'm so happy for this experience and trial by fire. I'll be sharing more in the coming weeks as the dust settles.

Visits from College Friends - It's kind of random for my fellow Ragin' Cajun alums to visit Brew City. So when my friend Brad said he'd be in the Milwaukee for a work trip, I was stoked! It was a great reason to eat at some fun local places, do tourist-y things, and help create a new beer snob.🍻


October Monthly Roundup Favorites

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