"Not all who wander...

are lost." + an artsy trail + some woodsy emojis = classic millennial Insta shot.

If I'm being honest that quote drives me up the wall a little bit. I appreciate the sentiment but if you see me out wandering it's because I most certainly am lost. And that's not a bad thing--it's just a true thing. When I'm fundamentally lost and without direction, I wander. I'll map out a ten week trip through Eastern Europe or get in the car and drive long county roads. 

"You should be doing something actually productive right now!" - my TYPE-A brain screams.

Often I worry this wandering is pointless. I'm not the only lost wanderer but shoot-dang if it doesn't feel that way 99.9% of the time.

"NAH," says my WANNABE-HiPPIe heart. "Stroll Target for an hour."

So I steer into the skid. Sometimes I'm in denial there's a problem at all and I run to any available distraction. But more often that not getting lost leads to being found. After that drive or Pinterest vacation prep session I feel lighter; it's like I've learned to exhale again and there's some clarity.

Suddenly my wandering turns into moseying: still slow but with intention. And that intention has direction, direction aimed at Heaven and its Will. No doubt the journey is full of wildflowers and bears and more opportunities to get lost. I am reminded this time of wandering is not in vain because all things work for good for those who love God - Romans 8:28. Would you look at that things are a-happening and we are on fire.