Just Cut Your Hair - Dealing with Overwhelm

Just Cut Your Hair, Overwhelmed

Disclaimer! This post is meant to serve as a pick-me-up or pep-talk, not a license to delve into unhealthy coping methods. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or disordered habits, please seek help! I love you and care about you, sister. 

About a week ago I jokingly tweeted the following:

Seriously, like once a year I deal with an intense period of stress: "The Overwhelm", if you will. And it's around that time I go to Cost Cutters #budgetlife and tell the stylist to just. chop. it. off.

Something about a decision resulting in a noticeable change just fires me up. I feel like I can do anything and no one can mess with me. When everything is out control, I can take charge of this one little area and get back on track.

In the past I've used that feeling to justify more drastic, destructive behaviors. Again, that is not what this post is about. And the truth is, if I'm not careful, that justification could creep up again. So I made it a point to find something--like a haircut--with a noticeable result but little consequence.

And maybe for you that's a haircut. Or trying a bold, new lipstick. Or just hopping in the car for an aimless drive.

By now I should mention that this taking charge isn't a cure, it's a little band-aid. True healing in The Overwhelm won't occur in the salon chair. It's taken counseling, spiritual direction, and frequenting the Sacraments to heal these broken places and learn healthy coping skills.

But every once in while things get tough, not detrimental but enough to need a little oomph. That's when I make a little appearance change and cling to the unchanging Truth that I am loved beyond measure.

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Just Cut Your Hair, Dealing with Overwhelm

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