great googly moogly y'all

It feels like everyone around me is announcing something these days. First jobs and summer internships, ministries, new homeowners, proposals and wedding pictures. Man, it is so. flipping. beautiful. 

I guess I'm the next one to join the party by announcing this blog.

So, welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm a bit overwhelmed, in the best way possible but still, about the whole thing to be honest. My goal is to have two or three posts available each week... y'all that's 125-ish over the course a year. (Yay, Alley, you know how to math!) I think about the time, talent, and treasure investment to write and edit posts, create graphics, and promote it all when it's finished and that starts to stress me out a bit. But I know it's worth it. I truly believe sharing my life in this way lead to the conversion of souls and the glory of His Name.

I hope to have a lengthier post about this decision in the coming weeks; until then, check out the About page to learn more!

Pace e Bene,