December Monthly Roundup

December Monthly Favorites

If you're looking for suggestions in categories like Food and Drink, Makeup and Beauty, Home Decor and Products, Entertainment, or Clothing and Accessories, stick around. 

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Food and Drink

Swiss Miss, Simply Cocoa Dark Chocolate flavor - I am not a dark chocolate girl, but this hot cocoa is incredible. Probably because the first ingredient is sugar... Following directions we used hot milk--the packaging says "MUST USE HOT MILK" in like, five places--and it was so smooth and creamy.

Sugarfina Bourbon Gummy Bears - These little guys (and their Champagne counterparts) are hella bougie, which explains why I love them. Candy, good; liquor, good; adorable packaging, good. Don't worry, they are non-alcoholic so you won't end drunk on your sugar high.

Makeup and Beauty

Yes to Cotton Micellar Water - I love pretty much any product from the Yes To brand. Micellar water is a great triple threat: makeup remover, cleanser, and toner. While I don't have particularly sensitive skin, I'm not a fan of strongly scented beauty products; the Cotton smell is refreshing and certainly doesn't irritate my face!

Home Decor and Products

Nothing new here!


Pitch Perfect 3 and Soundtrack - This movie was very different from its predecessors... Like, it's Pitch Perfect-flavored? Don't get me wrong, it was funny and entertaining but don't expect classic Pitch Perfect movie.

HQ Trivia - This app is a live trivia game show. Each game features twelve progressively harder questions; once you get a question wrong, you're eliminated. Everyone left standing at the end splits the prize money, usually $2,000! Games are every day at 8PM CST and Monday-Friday at 2PM CST. Help me get an extra life when you sign up with the code: alleypepsi .

Clothing and Accessories

Target's A New Day line - Comfy, simple, affordable, what's not to love? I'm especially fond of this red flannel shirt and these crew neck tees.


Christmas - Christmas Eve Dinner with the fam, Midnight Mass with Dad, Christmas Day with the cousins, the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us. Just everything. And it's not done, yet!

All the Coffee Dates - Quality time is my primary love language; nothing makes my heart soar more than a good conversation over mochas with a friend!

What were your favorites this December?


December Monthly Roundup

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