7 Things to Prep for a New Job

7 Things for New Job Prep

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1. Celebrate 🎉

You did it! You hunted and searched and applied and interviewed--and if you're anything like me you cried and shook your fist at the sky a few times--and now, you're employed. So treat yo' self to a new lipstick or cakepop or Trader Joe's succulent, you've earned it!

2. Talk to H.R.

I know, I know, more paperwork and policies probably isn't what you wanted to do, but it will help you get paid. And that's probably some part of why you wanted to take the job. *wink*

3. Plan Your Commute

Chances are you interviewed at the job-site. Butttt, maybe not, maybe it was a career fair or at temp agency. Make sure you know where to go, and ask H.R. where to park!
If you did interview on-site, it may have been outside of normal rush hours; or you jetted over from your previous employer's. If possible I recommend making a test under conditions similar to your new commute. If not check GoogleMaps and give yourself plenty of time! 

4. Prep Your Wardrobe

Maybe it's the Type-A Overachiever in me, but I always feel most prepared when I have clothes ready to go. Between your interview and talking to H.R., you should know what the company dress code and what the culture is like. Pick out a few options ahead of time to save some of the clothing analysis paralysis your first week!

5. On Your First Day Bring...

Anything H.R. Asked You Bring.
You might start your paperwork that first day and need your valid forms of ID or Direct Deposit info.

A Notebook or Legal Pad
You'll be taking notes of some kind this first day. Even if they're electronic notes, you can always use more scratch paper or doodle pads.

Some Writing Utensils
Yes, your new office probably already has office supplies. So don't feel compelled to do this! I'm fairly picky about my pens (black ink, ballpoint, fine, cap not a clicker), though. 

Your Favorite Coffee Mug or Desk Toy
I'm bound and determined to have a cozy desk space that shows my personality! My elf mug is so homey and this little cubicle is my home 40 hours each week.

A Lunch That Doesn't Need To Be Refrigerated
You might not need a lunch, maybe your new workplace is catered every day. If so, I'm v. jealous! Or maybe it's the company culture to eat out everyday, I don't know.

Your office probably does have a break room with a fridge and microwave but depending how much space and availability those appliances have is another story. After the first day, you'll have a better idea of what people do and what's available. 

Even if you are treated to lunch you can still eat your unspoiled meal for dinner, or lunch the next day.

6. A Few Other Things 

OTC Allergy Medication
Perfumes, cigarette smoke, pet dander, air filters, et cetera. They can all cause itchy eyes and runny noses while you adjust to your new work space. Funny story, I actually started tearing up on my first day because the air purifier irritated my eyes so much! My supervisor assured me that it happens to everyone the first week.

Side note: You can be a rock star new co-worker by being mindful of the lotions, perfumes, and other potential irritants you bring into the workplace.

Small First Aid Kit or Walking Pharmacy
Some Advil, hair ties, floss, and the like will much appreciated when I need them in the future! I'm hoping to grab a fun Minimergency Kit to keep in my bottom desk drawer.

Other Desk Mementos
Whether it's push-pins for your cubicle walls, a photo of your dog, or task lighting, the homey-ness of your new space will help you feel more settled!

7. Update Your Resume

I always, always, always save a screenshot or PDF of the original job-posting for this reason. The description and/or duties are already laid for you! I pretty much copy paste those points and format them to match the rest of my resume. In all likeliness, I'll tweak a few things as time goes on but it's so helpful to have this taken care on the front end!

P.S. You can (and should) do the same thing on your LinkedIn profile.

Bonus 8. Celebrate, Again!

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7 Things to Prep New Job

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