Monthly Roundup - August

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Food and Drink

Lakefront's Pumpkin Lager - My girlfriends and I did the Lakefront Brewery Tour a few weekends ago. If you're ever in Milwaukee it is such a good time (and a great deal!) For 10 bucks you get four 6 oz. samples of beer, a souvenir pint glass, and a hilarious 30 minute tour of the brewery. Fall is just around the corner and forget about seasonal lattes, I want lagers! Does it invoke a new level of basic? Yes. Does it invoke a new level of hipster? Also, yes. 

Makeup and Beauty

Also nothing new to report on, but I'm still loving my goods from last month!

Home Decor and Products

PopSocket and Mount - I've been looking for a phone mount in my car. Something small and fairly light, something I could put almost anywhere, and something cute. Because I want to actually like it! So I took to the internet and grabbed a Watercolor/White PopSocket and Black Socketmount. So far it's been great, especially for navigation!

If you're in the market for something similar, why not get $2 off?

Entertainment (TV, Music, Books, Internet)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Narrated by Nick Offerman - I first read Tom Sawyer wayyy back in the third grade and fell in love with it. I think almost everyone knows the classic whitewashing the fence scene. As a kid, I loved imagining myself getting into all the adventures that twelve-year-olds Tom, Huck, and Becky do in rural Missouri, in the mid-1800's. Listening to it again, I had totally forgotten that the main plot--adjacent to the silly side-stories that Tom and Huck get into--is the boys witnessing a MURDER and its aftermath. One minute the boys are pirate-ing on Jackson's Island, the next they're like, "Oh crap Muff Potter is going to be executed if we don't tell the truth about Injun' Joe actually murdering the Doctor. But wait, if we do then Injun' Joe is definitely going to kill us." You know, for KIDS.

I feel like a lot of the charm of this book is that Twain is really able to capture how kids think and talk to each other. Also, Nick Offerman was born to read this book. His Ron Swanson, Man's Man, Mountaineer type-casting is perfect. His deep baritone voice impersonating the high-pitched Aunt Polly is worth listening to alone. 

Work - Ron Pope - This album has been on my mind since the first single "Bad for Your Health" was released in February. It definitely delivered! I joked that I've never met a Ron Pope song I didn't like but it's true. So far my favorites are "The Weather", "Partner in Crime", and "Someday We're All Gonna Die." Do yourself a favor and start listening, right now. It's indie, folksy, jazzy, and bluesy; I give it five out of five flannel shirts.

Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face - Bad day? Pinky-promise you that after 60 minutes of Hamilton's Netflix special, you will feel better. There's not much else I can say. My blogged delivery of his jokes just won't back the same punch, ya feel?

Clothing and Accessories

Stitch Fix - #spoiler I ended up not buying anything, BUT this experience was super fun. I'll let last-week Allison tell you the rest. ;)


Sister(!) Kat - My friend Kat entered the Nashville Dominicans on August 15th! (The Assumption, what-what.) I sent her letter and a few stamps--that poverty life--shortly after. I'm not sure if or when she'll be able to write back, but it is so beautiful to see her joy that last few months as she continues to pursue Christ and her Vocation!  


August Monthly Favorites