Monthly Roundup - July

The month is over? Ju-lying.


Fair enough. That said, I still refuse to believe 2017 is more than halfway done. I decided to start sharing what I've been loving lately in a monthly series. If you're looking for suggestions in categories like Food and Drink, Makeup and Beauty, Home Decor and Products, Entertainment, or Clothing and Accessories, stick around. 

Monthly Roundup July.png

Any Amazon links I share are affiliate links. This means the price of an item won't change for you, but I receive a small commission of the sale which helps keep my content free and my site up and running. Thanks!

Food and Drink

Kiltie Custard Shakes - The Kiltie is an old fashioned drive-in custard and burger stand. And it's only open from late Spring to early Fall; at five-years old I remember wanting to be a car-hop when I grew up. I almost always get a large cherry shake and it definitely always hits the spot.   

Makeup and Beauty

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation - I love every about this foundation. It has full-coverage but is extremely lightweight. I feel completely fresh-faced after applying it; something I've never experience with liquid foundation. There's also a little bit (SPF 15) of built in sun protection. 

Home Decor and Products

I didn't get anything new or noteworthy this month in this department. 

Entertainment (TV, Music, Books, Internet)

Moana - I've been listening to the soundtrack for awhile and begging my sister to have a movie night with me to watch it. We both ended up finally watching... but not together... but on the same night. Ha. A catchy as hell--and stunningly animated--musical romp through Polynesia, I give it 4 and a half popcorn buckets. 

The Catholic Feminist Podcast - Ever feel, as Claire puts it, "too conservative for your liberal friends and too liberal for your conservative friends?" YASSS. But yay, there's place to talk about faith and pro-life issues and ethical shopping and gender stereotypes and... just go check it out! I'm also super pumped for the upcoming 40 Day E-Retreat (only 40 bucks) exploring that Feminist Faith.

TheSkimm - Each morning I take 5-10 minutes to read this free, daily (M-F) newsletter. I feel like a real, informed grown-up lady without having to constantly watch the news or wade through a sea of think-pieces and commentaries.   

Clothing and Accessories

Make Waves tee from Blair Lamb Designs - I snagged a 20% off navy v-neck at the shop's Christmas in July Sale. Items are screenprinted by hand and made-to-order (2-3 weeks processing time) but you'll be sure to spot in my insta-feed on a #MakeWavesMonday when it arrives!  


Bear's Birthday - My sister, her best friend, and I took the train down to Chicago to celebrate her birthday on the 31st. We had a great time goofing off around the city and I slept very soundly after the 17 hour day! 

Operation Adoration - End of last week, I really needed to get in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Thankfully there's two Perpetual Adoration chapels relatively close to me but I didn't know the entry codes. I said a quick prayer and posted in a Blessed Is She group that I asking if anyone had them. (Note: these regional group encompass thousands of women from multiple states.) Less than 10 minutes later I had a code and was on my way to Son-bathe. ;)