September Monthly Roundup

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If you're looking for suggestions in categories like Food and Drink, Makeup and Beauty, Home Decor and Products, Entertainment, or Clothing and Accessories, stick around. 

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Food and Drink

Dilly Bites: Fresh Dill Pickle Snacking Cuts - These pre-packaged pickle pouches--say that five-times-fast, I dare ya!--are so delicious. They aren't the most eco-friendly option but they are convenient. Side note: No. 7 Recycling, you drive me crazy. 

Makeup and Beauty

Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm - A.K.A. my new favorite lip balm. The consistency is so smooth, it almost melts on my lips. I have the Lemon Lime flavor but it also comes in Orange Ginger, Peppermint, and "Naked."

Home Decor and Products

Amazon Echo Dot - I was gifted this little guy (gal?) for my birthday and I it. I'll be writing a post soon about the different ways Alexa makes my life easier, soon!


"Badass Babe 💃🏼" Playlist - Songs about being an unstoppable lady. Shania venting about mansplaining, Demi empowering confidence, and the Cheetah girls being capable and equals in relationship. 

The West Wing - *Heart Eyes* + *American Flag* + *Power Fist* = This show! The main premise follows the day to day operations of President Jed Bartlet and the White House Senior Staff. I'm not saying I agree with every position posed by the administration but was surprised how relevant the issues have remained. It aired on NBC from 1999 to 2006, and we're still talking about refugee crises, campaign finance reform, and gun control, today. Also, Rob Lowe's character is if Chris Traeger went into politics and chilled way the heck out. 

Clothing and Accessories

Nothing new here! I have been enjoying bringing out fall colors, though.


My Birthday - Such a simple, truly perfect day. Cheers to 24 years!

The Stuefen Wedding - Andrew (Dadrew) and Dana (StepDana) got married! They are such wonderful, holy people; I can't wait to see them continue to grow in love for each other and in this Vocation!

Visit to "The Farm" - My grandparents have a cabin out in the middle of the Kickapoo Valley. I had a few days off and I went to visit them before starting my new job. My almost three hour drive was quiet and peaceful through the long county backroads.

Feminist Faith E-Retreat - This 40 Day E-Retreat was sponsored by The Catholic Feminist Podcast. Y'all it has rocked my socks off. I have learned so much about the history of Feminism, what it means to be Pro-Life in all stages of life, and Vocations. If it is offered again I would highly recommend joining!

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September Monthly Favorites

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