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Hi! I'm Allison,

or Alley, or Sonny. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a real-life millennial and wannabe grown-up girl. Imagine Elle Woods meets Buddy the Elf. I fell in love with the One who loved me first at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (Geaux Cajuns!) Now, I'm gladly accepting the invitation to share Him with everyone I know. Sometimes I laugh so hard it sounds like I'm dying and sometimes when I'm sad my hands ache. I love hedgehogs, emojis, cold-brew, snail-mail, and the verse below. 

Look to him and be radiant,
and your faces may not blush for shame.
— Psalm 34:6 NABRE

#RealTalk with me for second, okay?

2016 was ROUGH like despondence, desolation, and despair-level roughness. I wouldn't wish that kind of living on anyone. And 2017 started off really promising before going on to smack me upside the head and then down to ground. Literally, I have a wrinkled Urgent Care invoice and Post-Concussion Syndrome symptoms to prove it.  

But it's OK. Because I learned more about myself and my Creator than ever before. Because I saw how good things could fall apart so better things could fall into place. Because even though so many are hurting and feel alone (maybe that's you?), the truth is we are not. So I'm responding to a calling I've felt for a long time: to share my story, healing, and Jesus through my words.

"Okay, we should be friends." - You, right now. (I hope.)

A-flippin'-greed! So grab your french press, or pint glass, or box of Franzia--I don't judge--and poke around awhile.

Not sure where to begin? I've got you covered, sister. Come find me on social media or read some of my top posts!👇

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